True Friendship

Friends are very important people in our lives.

“Show me your friend and I would tell you who you are”,

This is a popular quote for many reasons. It shows that friends play a key role in shaping you and it also shows that your friend would either help you achieve your goals or possibly derail you from it.


Life is all about understanding, don’t force things to happen so fast just the way u want it.

For the fact that the tongue is always wet doesn’t mean a cut in the tongue isn’t going to heal, with time the cut will heal,

Betrayals of trust are everywhere but that doesn’t mean u shouldn’t trust some body…

Mix sugar and salt and keep it in the path of the ants and watch the drastic dissolution of appetite, the ants will select the sugar and live behind the salt,

How you see yourself is what the society see you…





Don’t let the world to define u, they are so many people out there who do not want to see u been happy…

Sometimes they will say things that you did and the things u Neva did, it doesn’t matter what matters is can u prove them wrong ???

Giving up sometimes usually means that u are tired and u don’t want to keep trying,

When u give up what have u succeeded in achieving ? What are u trying to tell the back bitters ?

U really need to prove to them that upon all what they did that u still made it far…

This can only be proven if u truely love him and he truely loves u too, then don’t give up on him but if u think he doesn’t love u like u love him then u have every right to take your decisions…

But remember that people must still talk !!!


Love is a feeling or emotion towards one another,

Love has flaws

Love has secrets

Love has mistakes

Love has pains and sorrows

Love has lost

Love is jealous

In other words love is a good thing

Love is kind

Love is caring

Love is a gift

Love is understanding…

Exercise (1)

Without pains there is no love: loving someone is not usually the bond of contention but what is said to be considered is does this person loves u back ?

To be in an open relationship is not always that easy but with time we find it amazing.

Without mistakes we can’t try any thing new, love has to be equal in a slide bar 50/50 before it can stand firm and strong…

If love exist on one side than the other side its going to cause conflict, misunderstanding, and nags.

Love is jealous yes because God him self is love and he can’t stand the chance of seeing u sharing his Glory with any other gods…

Having issues in relationship is not the basics of love but how easy u can settle your differences makes the love a worthwhile…

My life history

Now I live in fear bcos no one cares abt me, am just living a life trying to pls everibody but no one to appreciate me. I give my best and yet I feel its not good enough bcos I don’t get wat I expected. 2013 was d bgining of my fears I lost my mum and d woman I loved and now 2015 av lost my dadd and d only woman I love is on probability if she will stay or not but I blive she loves me even though she keep telling me dat she doesn’t I love her xo much… All I do is to impress her and keep her happy . I fink of many tinz everitime.   Its  04/08/2015…..
A man who has never made a mistake will never start anytin new.. D choice i made Neva turn out d way I thought it would b… Falling inluv wit someone whu has a date and hoping one day she will love me alone bt it Neva came to pass.. Nw am hurt !!!

Word of hope 2

There isn’t any need of begging someone to stay in ur life. There isn’t any need of pleading fr someone to love u. There isn’t any need of talking to another person wit intension of making them stay. U’ve got to knw wen d story of somebody is over in ur life. U don’t av to try raising d death u should knw wen d person is dead u should let it go. If somebody can’t appreciate u let her go. U try all ur best and yet its not gud enough in making her to stay pls let her go she wasn’t attach to u neither was she meant fr u just let it go.. Stop raising d death..


U don’t av to spend ur time punishing humanx to c if d truly love u some1 dat loves u can never stop loving u no matter what u do and no matter d yrs true love never dies. Until u find someone who will love u the same way dat u do. Someone who will av similar feelings for u don’t stop searching until u find one. If u b in love with someone who can’t introduce u to any of her friends or relatives pls quit dat relationship at all cost its not dependent don’t feel d person will change rather it will get worst. ur date should b proud of u. Love is a beautiful tin am not doubting it but been in a relationship were ur partner Neva disclose anytin he/she does and remains self centred dis isn’t a gud act. Bfr u get into a relationship two tinx should b considered holding or loosing if u can’t hold back someone u love pls let go ur story in dat person life is over. Don’t try to raise d dead… By maintain


Even though I walk through d valley of shadow of death I fear no evil. One day I will reach my destination.