U don’t av to spend ur time punishing humanx to c if d truly love u some1 dat loves u can never stop loving u no matter what u do and no matter d yrs true love never dies. Until u find someone who will love u the same way dat u do. Someone who will av similar feelings for u don’t stop searching until u find one. If u b in love with someone who can’t introduce u to any of her friends or relatives pls quit dat relationship at all cost its not dependent don’t feel d person will change rather it will get worst. ur date should b proud of u. Love is a beautiful tin am not doubting it but been in a relationship were ur partner Neva disclose anytin he/she does and remains self centred dis isn’t a gud act. Bfr u get into a relationship two tinx should b considered holding or loosing if u can’t hold back someone u love pls let go ur story in dat person life is over. Don’t try to raise d dead… By maintain


Even though I walk through d valley of shadow of death I fear no evil. One day I will reach my destination.

Published by m4maintain52

Am a genius, am smart and wise

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