Love is a feeling or emotion towards one another,

Love has flaws

Love has secrets

Love has mistakes

Love has pains and sorrows

Love has lost

Love is jealous

In other words love is a good thing

Love is kind

Love is caring

Love is a gift

Love is understanding…

Exercise (1)

Without pains there is no love: loving someone is not usually the bond of contention but what is said to be considered is does this person loves u back ?

To be in an open relationship is not always that easy but with time we find it amazing.

Without mistakes we can’t try any thing new, love has to be equal in a slide bar 50/50 before it can stand firm and strong…

If love exist on one side than the other side its going to cause conflict, misunderstanding, and nags.

Love is jealous yes because God him self is love and he can’t stand the chance of seeing u sharing his Glory with any other gods…

Having issues in relationship is not the basics of love but how easy u can settle your differences makes the love a worthwhile…

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